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Tristan Morris is the owner VICE PARADISE. In 2016, Tristan joined forces with Billie Essco of CAFE+CAFE to further the message and ideology of the brand (CAFE+CZEN). Best known for his sense of style, the Buffalo, NY native has given his peers confidence and motivation to evolve their personal style, as well as design language. He encourages them to tell a story through every look, to express how they feel or what they are going through. He has worked as a styling assistant for the award winning short film, “A Better Half”. In addition to designing merchandise for Griselda’s very own, Westside Gunn. Tristan has also caught the attention of the legendary American Designer, Tommy Hilfiger, for his contributions to '18 Autumn-Winter collection, “The Rain Rinsed The Heat”. Mid-2020 VICE PARADISE was launched.

*VICE PARADISE by UKNOWTRIST® is an idea of a space where Utopia and Dystopia exist within the same realm. Symbolized by our garments and products we are able to create a unified wardrobe that blends ethos of the two spaces. The brand aims to inspire a subculture that recognizes purpose amongst their world of vices on quest to Nirvana through style, design, imagination, and dialogue.


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